Star Sign Face Pot

£22.50 - £45.00
  • Star Sign Face Pot
  • Star Sign Face Pot
  • Star Sign Face Pot
  • Star Sign Face Pot
  • Star Sign Face Pot

I handmake each of these cute pots from scratch so each one is completely individual and with a different character. You can choose the star sign and I will create your own face pot around it. It is a grey base clay pot with the hand painted constellation across the face, it also has hand painted stars all over like it's solar series colleagues. It also has the star sign symbol painted in white on the reverse.

This pot would look great as a plant pot, but the small could also be used as a pen pot or makeup brush holder. These pots are available as both male and female - the only visual difference is the female pots have eyelashes.

➖ Measurements :
I do not offer a mini in this design as the detail is too complicate to replicate on such a size,
- Small - approx 8cm x 8cm
- Medium - approx 12cm x 12cm
- Large - approx 16cm 16cm
- Toothbrush - approx 7cm x 12cm
- Utensil - approx 12cm x 17cm

All measurements are internal measurements so you can fit them to your plant pots, if you need a slightly different height please let me know

➖Materials :
- Air Dry Clay
- Acrylic/watercolour paint
- Water resistant glaze

➖Care :
- If using as a plant pot please keep plants in their original plastic nursery pots, you can then take out when watering until it has drained to stop sitting water.
- Wipe clean with damp cloth
- Do not submerge in water or put in dishwasher.

➖Custom Pot :
- If there are changes you would like to make to the design of a pot or you would like to create your own bespoke design then head to my custom listings.